Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sending praise to Hilary Clinton for her Gay Rights Speech to UN

I just finished watching this video of United States Secretary Hilary Clinton's speech.  Clinton is addressing the United Nations, regarding gay rights.  I praise her for a doing such a great job and sending a beautiful, important and positive message around the world.
This must be shared.

Free and Equal in Dignity and Rights

BTW - How can any sane minded American support anyone in the Republican race for GOP leader and their barbaric social policies??  Not even just their policies and beliefs on gay rights but just their views and policies in general.  I see nothing but greed and disgrace in the GOP republican leader race.  It's truly a race to be a loser, no matter who wins.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Focus Idea: Keep on Moving, @OccupyToronto !!

I think there is allot of confusion because many Canadians assumed a large majority of the greed exists and comes from the Canadian banking system similar to the US. However our banking system has some pretty good regulators and is one of the best in the world however there is still greed in the upper ranks of these corporations. Corporations should not be protected by all the same laws as a human and should be held more accountable for what they do. 
I've seen people trying to change the occupy movement in Canada by telling us we have the ability to make changes by choosing who we do business with.  The idea that we have power by choosing where to shop has been around for a long time and although there is some truth I don't think it's the solution. The problem is, the heroes of the occupy movement represents the 99% however is not comprised of the 99%. The 99% can't all rise to action but I'm sure they are thankful for the actions of this powerful movement. My problem with the making change by dealing only with ethically run corporations is that it doesn't seem like we have FREE access to the market any longer. Freedom of choice should not be limited because some corporations don't have a good set of ethics.  If company XYZ makes the best widget, I want to buy that widget from XYZ and I should be able to without having to worry that I am somehow contributing indirectly to corporate greed.
The focus in Canada needs to be more on corporations in general and pushing our government to implement policies that won't allow the corporations to power themselves with greed.  Corporations should be penalized for it as it's not good for our economy as a whole. Look at the CEO incomes in Canada (below link) an tell me this is fair in anyway to people who work just as hard in these corporations. Did any of the employees get 27-150% increases in total salary this year? NO! Has average worker salaries gone up %500 in the past 20 years? NO! It's assumed that corporations will implement their own ethics and protect their employees however if times get tight again, the first thing the many corporations will do is lay-off employees because the first priority is the bottom line, the chiefs, boards and the shareholders and not the employees and society. This isn't right and that's a message I think the Occupy Canada groups need to focus on amongst others. This is just a catalyst comment to get further ideas on this so that this movement can make changes in Canada that are needed. Because the government isn't going to do this for us unless we persuade them. They do work for us though.  Don't get frustrated or let conflicts within the group slow progress.  Keep the momentum going!!

The distribution of wealth and greed is a serious concern in Canada as well.  Why any one employee of a corporation needs to take home more than a one or two $million income every year is excessive and greedy.
New York has been going for a month and they still don't have a completed draft of proposed solutions needed from their government.  Keep on moving OccupyTO!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Proper Disclosure of Statistics in Misinformation Era

I found this really cool tool on the OECD website the other day(link will be at the bottom). The tool contains massive amounts of statistical data for many countries in the world.  What is really cool about this tool is the interface that allows you to easily see the most generally used statistics used often as success indicators for the economy, public health, education and others.  It also has many less commonly published statistics that make up components of how the most general indicators, such as GDP, are calculated. The tool contains historical data for about the past decade or even prior and allows you to compare one country to another and extract.

As I played around with it more and more, it re-enforced how statistics can be so easily manipulated to show something positive that really isn't all that positive.  A great example of this is how Stephen Harper is always boasting about his government bringing the unemployment rate down.  He always leaves out the fact that the extra jobs created were mostly part time jobs and another fact that many people are stuck in part time jobs because they can't find a full time job.

This really bothers me as government, corporations and the media use stats quite often in an attempt to make a statement appear true that are not completely true which misinforms the public.  This is a growing serious issue given current economic situation and the 1% vs 99% occupy movement.  I think that we need a better set of standards and ethics that hold these institutions accountable for disclosure of full details when using statistics to inform or mislead the general public.  More to come on this..........

The Tool

Friday, October 14, 2011

Get ready for OccupyTO and Right Wing Manipulation

I saw this picture(below) being sent around with a student showing a hand written letter about how wonderful they are for having no debt in their last year of University, supporting themselves and only working for a little more than minimum wage.  Many people praised the student and said they are likely to go places in this world.  First off, I don't think so because their attempt to protest one of the draft Occupy Wall Street demands doesn't even make sense and I think it's a complete lie!
OWS draft demands  (search for Education Reform)

I think this student completely misses the point though. People aren't blaming wall street for their own debt. They are blaming wall street and corporations for greed, risky decisions and the fact that corporations have as much legal protection as an individual and this has been abused leading to a unsustainable economy. Greed wasn't included in the models for a successful free market system and is immoral.  I feel like a broken record somewhat.

I think the OWS demand is misunderstood.  The OWS group is suggesting that instead of spending money on war, they should look at putting that money into loan forgiveness programs. Loan forgiveness programs aren't new and work very similar to scholoaraships.  Is this student saying that money should continute to be spent on war instead of scholarships and student aids??

Hope everyone is having a a great day and I'm looking forward to checking out what people have to say down town Toronto tomorrow.  Here are some of the messages I've seen already.

IMAGE: The unrealistic letter from a supposed student and why I think it's a LIE!!

APPENDIX - assumed student budget with bare essentials
Weekly $9/hr @ 30 hrs/wk (before Taxes) (Note that $9/hr is about $1.50-$2 over the average minimum wage in the USA
Monthly (befoere taxes)
Monthly (estimate after taxes)
-$     10.50
Income Remaining after basic expenses
Monthly Amount
 $ 400.00
Lucky to find rent this cheap and lets even assume it has laundry and included utilities.  It's also assumed that this is shared with at least one roomate
 $   30.00
Basic phone with very litle use
 $   98.00
This is actually much less than the average monthly premium for medicare in the USA for most without coverage through employment
 $ 200.00
$50/week isn't that much and is kind of unrealistic
 $   62.50
10% of Tuition cost at average US public state univeristy($7500)
Transport Transit / Travel/Home Visits?
 $   30.00
Asssumed the student lives near the university and work which is very convenient and lucky with such low rent.  Or assumed the student uses a bike, lives somewhere with year round warm climate and that bike is not stolen and few repairs or tune ups are required.
 $   90.00
Any good budget puts aside 10% for miscelleaneous items and unexpected expenses (clothes, emergencies, day to day)
 $          -   
Nothing left for saving
Books and School Supplies?
 $          -   
Nothing left in budget
 $          -   
Nothing left in budget

Monday, October 10, 2011

If You Feed Them, They'll Never Leave

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Since the election in Ontario is over, I've been paying some attention to the Occupy movements around the world.  I'm not sure what my take on it is yet but I do know that the distribution of wealth is becoming less and less spread out and there's an abundance of greed out there.  This is seen even more in the corporate world and it seems to be growing.  It's just common sense that evenly distributing wealth is better for everyone. I think that greed was assumed out of successful models of the free market system.

I'm not a religious person however I do like to say I live by a set of moral values where greed is not OK.   In my own morals, envy is also not OK.  I know this is also true in almost every religion out there.  So I've been reading/watching very right wing GOP wannabes and biased pundits accusing this occupation of being in envious of what is had on wall street and I need to set them straight.  These people in the Occupy movement are not guilty of envy.  Envy by definition is NOT the opposite of greed and doesn't have anything to do with wanting material things of others.  Envy is also not usually related to physical possession of anything and is ill feelings towards someone because they can tell jokes better than they can or run faster or can carry a tune.   The opposite of envy is kindness, comfort and confidence.  From what I've seen so far, the Occupy people are definitely not envious. If anyone is showing envy it's these right winged religious politicians and activists who obviously don't understand the English language very well.

It is a holiday after all, so I will end this post by passing along a little funny  that I received today.  A cousin of mine sent me a text that said:
    "Happy Thanksgiving!  You know, I bet you at the first Thanksgiving there was a wise old native woman saying 'Don't feed them!  If you share our food with them, they'll never leave!'"
This gave me a good laugh but also made me thankful that they didn't listen to the old woman because she was probably being greedy and the natives showed just how generous they are by sharing and participating in the first Thanksgiving.  If not, then my ancestors may not have immigrated to this wonderful country.

Eat and drink 'til you get sick if you want but don't be greedy and try to be kind and thankful.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Do Not Want Canada to be Americanized!

Great commentary from The Globe and my favourite part:
"At the same time, voters will have to decide what they make of today’s Americanized Conservatives as represented by Mr. Harper, Mr. Hudak and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford – all men who yearn for a simpler, long-vanished society that no longer represents today’s Canada."

I for one do not want our fine country to resemble our neighbours to the south.  As much as I respect and admire them and look at them as brothers and sisters I don't want anything to do with their government or policies.

Hope you are having a great weekend

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ontario Votes Today!!

I don't have much else to say right now but if you are still unsure today, take a look through my blog entries over the past month or so and I think you'll find the out who's the best candidate to vote for in Ontario.  With the team that will help us all move forward together.  JUST VOTE!

I'm off to my polling station now.  See you there maybe and hope you have an amazing day.  Stay tuned upcoming entries on Canadian Politics and Current Events.

How to find your pollling station:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Real Change to Help Ontario Alternative

It's actually feels cold in Toronto today for the first this this fall.  Nuit Blanche is tonight which is always a great event but it is also a reminder to me that summer really is over.  But I look forward to fall sweaters, bundling up in the winter and embracing Canada's seasons.  Can't wait for snowboarding!

Everyone is looking for change in this election.  The NDP and PC have been trying to get votes by creating platforms that exploit voter fears with band-aid solutions but no real vision into the province's future which leads me to believe it's negative change. I don't really think this is providing the change that is needed.  I question the motive of the members of the NDP and PC.  I don't feel they have given enough thought to the future of Ontario. It's as if they just want to get the job and be in control because they may not agree with the current political situation in Ontario.  The Liberal platform seems to offer more real change than theirs.

Latest change from Howarth has been trying to create more health scandals that aren't scandals at all..  As well, there's orange pumps all over the place.  I think the pumps are cute but wouldn't ever vote based on cuteness.  I would take this into consideration however:

Latest change from Hudak is his promise of a war on the unions,  public sector workers and wage freezes.  REALLY?!  I foresee service interruptions and failure in health, education and service across Ontario period. Not to mention our resources wasted in negotiations that will add no value and if avoided, make up for the cost of keeping these workers happy.  I am not one to really like the idea of unions either but if I had a nice union job, I probably wouldn't be complaining.  The public service workers really work in thankless positions but provide really good services for us.  We need to stop attacking these poor people.

Oh and here's the latest change with the Liberal front.  Our only hope to bring real lasting change and a brighter future to Ontario:

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

My Own Alternative Idea and Some Info You Should Know
There's been allot of talk of taxes in this election campaign but I wanted to point something out:
This is a fact! Ontario has the 2nd lowest income tax rates out of all the Canadian Provinces.
Notice also that we don't have a 4th income tax bracket like many other provinces, federally and many places around the world?  This brought me to think of something.  Why not introduce a fourth tax bracket in Ontario for those who are doing well?  Say those who bring in more than $180K pay a percent or so more. The distribution of wealth is becoming less spread out in Canada and it would actually be beneficial to those with greater incomes to help out rather than blame the government for everythhing.  In turn, the economy picks up and the assumption is that so would the income and value of investments for these high bracket earners.

Just a thought.  Rather than pick on the public service workers and cause grief to everyone in the province I think this would be a much better alternative to help with Ontario's current revenue problems and economy woes.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP Only After Political Gain?

It's becoming more and more clear that the Andrea Howarth led NDP party is NOT the NDP of the past fighting for social injustice. In fact, I think this NDP's new direction seems like a deceptive representation of the NDP brand and almost right leaning.  Some claim Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP are only after political and personal gains.  I'm not the only person that is seeing this trend.  It is also found to be somewhat offensive that the Ontario NDP has been using Jack Layton's name and honour to make these political gains in this Ontario election when they aren't representing the NDP brand properly. Layton isn't even around to endorse them.  What does the 2011 Ontario NDP party really stand for and what is their motive?  Check out these links:

More thought on how their plan lacks any real strategy and is simply formulated to attract votes:

Thought that the NDP and PC have a relationship that is a little too close.  What historic NDP party would ever work with a Conservative party?

Example of Jack Layton's honour being disrespected by NDP candidates and I've heard Anrea mention him several times as well.

Some are even implying some sort of secret alliance with the NDP and PC party in Ontario.  If you look at Andrea Howarth's voting record, she hardly seems in favour of traditional NDP causes.  Over half of the party is made of completely new members as well.  Did you know that most of the MPs, about 60 of them, were only hired in the past couple of months?  Can any of them be trusted? We are about to face some really tough times and a bunch of rookie politician with no vision are not what we need running our fine province!!

It's seems as thought in this Ontario election NDP really does stand for Never Developed a Plan!

Make sure you vote wisely in this election.  With the world about to head into turmoil, we need an experienced team at Queen's Park.  I can only think of one party that has the experience needed.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow Report Alerts

Does everyone know that coal and oil technology for energy creation were both subsidized when they first started being used??  Does everyone know that they are still subsidized??  So why are so many people against subsidizing renewable energy sources that will only do down in price and make gains in efficiency.

I am writing this post because I'm quite disturbed with many of the major media sources in Canada right now.  I can't find web media sources that post responsible non-biased reports; especially surrounding the Ontario election, where there shouldn't even be the slightest bit of bias.  Where can I find good journalism from one source that is free of bias and responsible enough to post a news article that is  to get the story right??

One specific issue that bothers me right now is the reports sparking debate on health impacts of wind turbines.  Most sources only posted a single article about the family filing a claim citing that that wind turbines have potential side effects to health of those that live close to them.  It has not even been proven yet.

The health risks other energy sources (coal and nuclear) easily trump any health risk of a wind turbines.  Is anyone suing the coal and nuclear plants?  Why didn't any of the news articles mention this??  If you read the public comments of these reports,  you will see that this has validated people into thinking wind isn't safe.
Here's 2 links showing how much worse nuclear and coal energy is for our health:

I think the timing and the way most media companies presented this story was irresponsible and mislead the public.  If you don't believe me, take a look at the misguided and comments filled with lies in CBC's report(  It's not like it's a little known fact that renewable green energy is a very contentious matter in the Ontario election so you would think any story outlining concerns that haven't even been proven would warrant a quick blurb on the real health impacts of the other types of energy. I've seen this type of thing in hundreds of news reports before and think web media reporters should take some responsibility for the misguided public that read and comment on these stories.  I have seen this one sided yellow reporting all over the place during the election.  I think this situation raises some serious ethical issues with these media sources:

  • CBC News 
  • The Toronto Star
  • The National Post
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Canadian Press
  • The Globe and Mail
The 2 highlighted in Yellow are by far the worst offenders.

Must Reads
I thought I would also provide some recommended reading for some truths about renewable energy as there are allot of people spreading lies.  

This following link outlines the common lies or myths people like to spread

In Germany wind is used for 9% of all power generation now and it's brining the cost of energy down for consumers there. Oil and gas are just going to keep getting more expensive. Wind and Solar will get cheaper and cheaper.  Take a look at this article from Business News Week:

Hope everyone is having great weekend.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ontario Jobs Anyone? a brief analysis

I think one of the biggest issues in the upcoming provincial election is JOBS! I've seen it all over the media and it's also of personal interest to me as I'm looking for work right now.

So I thought I would do a little analysis of each of the major party's platform strategies for job creation.  Here goes:

Looking at the PC platform there isn't much there regarding any plan or strategy towards job creation except for this statement:
"A Tim Hudak government will focus on letting the job creators – not the government – drive new job growth."
Since when has that ever worked???!!  We've been seeing unemployment rates soar while businesses post record profits and rich shareholders make gains.  It's obvious that the job creators aren't going to use any gains towards driving new growth as shareholders are more important to them.
Anyhow, the PC platform goes on about:

  • Lowering family tax rates
  • Cutting red tape for businesses
  • Lowering corporate tax 
  • Updating the apprenticeship system (however it's unclear and poorly written as to how or why)
-If you are rich, you might get a break on taxes.
-I honestly don't see any other pros.  With all the promises of tax relief(aka lowering government revenue), I don't understand how they will make any of these promises without drastically changing existing services or raising taxes.
-I can't believe people are such suckers for lower tax promises and ideas that privatization will make things like energy, health and education better.  There's no proof of privatization being successful anywhere and all you have to do is look south at their education and health system for proof.  As for privatizing energy, every state(or other governing entity) that has attempted this has failed miserably(most recent is California)
-The only people that benefit from any tax cuts are the rich because for middle-lower incomes, small percentage cute are barely noticeable.  Look at Harper's ridiculous 1% cut off GST! It made very little difference and now the feds are going to have a revenue shortfall to go along with their massive public debt.  see Debt Clock
-Belief that the private sector would ever put people and jobs first is flawed.

The NDP platform has a few ideas around job creation such as:
  • Raising corporate taxes
  • Tax breaks for businesses that provide training for employees
  • Tax breaks for businesses that buy Ontario goods
  • Freezing tuition rates for post secondary education
-The idea of a tax break for business that empowers their employees with training is a great idea
-The world is changing and competition is strong and global.  Although a tax break for businesses buying Ontario sounds like a good idea, it doesn't make sense in the new emerging global market.
-A tuition rate freeze sounds great for students but how are Ontario universities and Colleges supposed to remain competitive and provide the level of education required with less revenue???  They will need more revenue and where are they going to get it?
-With all the other promises of reform and cuts for "struggling families" (that really will benefit the rich more than anyone else) 
-Their ideas are too simple and might appeal to voters but how does the NDP expect to pull any of this off???(all these promises, tax relief, a deficit and a global recession)?  THERE IS A SERIOUS GAP AND FLAW WITH THEIR PLATFORM.

The Liberal platform appears to have been thought out and has actual strategy and theme.  Here are some details:
  • Make Ontario more competitive globally to attract jobs
    • Education
      • Increased early childhood education
      • Summer learning for struggling students
      • Changes to teacher's education programs to increase "hands-on" experience
      • Grants for low-mid income family's post-secondary education
      • Relief with loan payment for post-secondary graduates
    • Incentives for job creators
      • Doubling trade missions to attract global investment in Ontario
      • Promoting innovative businesses in Ontario
      • "Green" energy incentives
      • Lowering taxes on new business investment
      • Continued support of apprenticeship programs
  • Continue to make Ontario people healthy and healthcare more accessible
  • Leadership in Northern Ontario mining jobs and industry
-There is strategy in this plan and it's not shortsighted like the others.  These aren't "band-aid" remedies. Everywhere you look nowadays, you see reference to the global market and Ontario needs to keep up.
-"Green" energy incentives, although controversial, will more than likely make Ontario a leader and innovator in this field.  Oil and coal are going to run out soon and prices are going to keep getting higher.  As we gain efficiency with new "Green" energy technology, it will only get cheaper and attract investment in Ontario expertise.
-The education and employment incentives are targeted where they are needed.  Some might call this "unfair" however I would argue they will make things fair.  The wealthy don't need a break and this country is great and wonderful because of taxes and Canadians who are happy to contribute to one of the best countries in the world.
-There is some amount of risk associated with this plan.
-Criticism (misunderstanding) over "Green" energy will create resistance to change.

FYI - A recent article proving value in "green" energy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Embrace Innovation People

I think conservatives are just scared that the clean energy act might be successful. Any educated person knows new technology costs start off high and go down as inputs required for output go down and efficiency is gained. This type of efficiency is already happening in Germany.
It would truly be a shame for Ontario to benefit from this project and become world leaders and innovators at producing clean renewable energy. Yah! It makes more sense to keep burning coal and gas until prices skyrocket even more and all the oil and coal are gone.
Quality journalism and editorial at it's best below in the National Post! Cover one side of the story and barely that.
I seriously can't believe people buy into this.

I believe it to be true that every really successful innovative person/idea has had to go through relentless, senseless criticism such as this.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Very little changes on the Hudak rampage....I mean campaign

Is Tim Hudak a masochist or something?  Every day it seems like the same thing.  He finds some convoluted way to try and slam the Liberal campaign with allegations out of nowhere.  It's kind of like he's trying to win Clue the board game by making accusation after accusation with no clues just hoping he'll get it right out of chance.  This is hurting his campaign and he must know this by now so why does he keep doing it??  I guess he doesn't really have a platform to stand on.

In case you didn't know, today's rant from Hudak is about these two ads created by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.  He alleges that the Liberals funded those ads but it appears it's not the case if you get the full story.  The Globe and National Post did a good job of getting both sides in their story.

The ads urge Ontarians to vote for a party that won't try to scrap the Clean Energy Act, contracts and clean energy jobs and sustainable renewable energy sources.  If you want to take a look, I've embedded them here to see.

Best wishes to you today and for the WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Promise from NDP Lacking Vision

I'm beginning to think that Hudak's time wasting, appalling attack and misleading interpretation of the Liberal's very minor platform idea to help newcomers to Canada has perhaps scared the NDP into this "fairness for everyone" theme in their latest announcements such as their proposed tuition freeze.

Horwath vows to freeze Ontario tuition, nix interest on student loans

This all around "fairness"  just doesn't make sense to me, just like NDP plan to cut taxes on gas at the pumps in Ontario.  I wonder if any analysis is done to realize any benefit/cost/waste on these ideas?  Take a look at this chart, easily found at Stats Canada, with regard to allocation of family income that is used by various income brackets for savings of retirement and post secondary education.

Notice the large amount of lower and middle class families that don't save for retirement or post secondary education (PSE) at about 40% for the lowest group.  Also infer from this that the actual percentage of income it requires from those families to save for PSE is much greater than those in the higher brackets.

Families with higher incomes don't need a freeze on tuition but they would get it with this NDP idea that should have been left in the "brainstorm" sessions where it was concocted.   Higher income families will have no issue sending their children through PSE.  Do voters really want to pay for these well off families?  

It's very important that everyone in Canada has easier access to PSE but without unnecessary expenses.

Hudak and his PCs promise $2 Billion in funding for PSE but don't add any details as to where this is coming from or how it will be used.

The Liberals have a much better idea in their platform to help lower-middle income families with a reduction of tuition fees by up to 30%.  That makes allot more sense to me and doesn't waste resources on families that don't need the assistance.

Is it the weekend yet?  Hope you are all having a great day!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reality about energy prices

I keep hearing people blaming the Liberals about soaring energy costs.  The reality is that energy prices are going up everywhere around the globe and the last Ontario Conservative government failed at privatizing the industry and created a mess of Ontario Hydro.  It's an action that should have never happened as privatizing energy has never worked out well anywhere around the world.  Look at California as a perfect example of how it doesn't work.

I thought I would post a chart that shows how Canada compares to countries around the world when it comes to energy prices.
Notice that we are one of the cheapest in the world and Ontario pays average energy prices compared to all the other provinces.  So in reality it's pretty amazing the the Liberals have kept energy prices as affordable as they are given this and the mess that the last PC government made.

Hope you are all having a great day and did anyone review all the party platforms yet?

*graphic is from a report produced by the Canadian Electricity Association

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ontario Party Supporter Stereotypes

This may be nothing but I have come to notice some commonalities with the Canadians that support the various political parties in Ontario. I'll elaborate a bit below.

The Green Party
A bunch of stoners who seem to think that the green party wants to legalize marijuana.

The PC Party
Rich selfish people who want to privatize everything because they can afford it and want to control it, buy shares of it and sell the shares and make more money they can admire miserly. There is also a large amount of rednecks(aka Ontario Landowners Association aka Canadian Tea Party)that seem to have been brainwashed somehow into thinking that cutting government services so their mid-level income family can get tax breaks will do them any good with their assumed debt load. A note to this 2nd group of supporters: Small tax breaks only help the rich who put all their money in banks and earn interest off your debt that you will likely pay off with funds from any tax break you might get. Is $10-20/ month going to make a world of difference when you will have to spend more time in waiting rooms after PC health reforms??
Really, really, really nice people that want to help everyone, including those that don't want any help. Also many who converted over in the federal election to Jack Layton's NDP. These converted NDP supporters, don't get that Layton has nothing to do with the Ontario NDP. The Ontario NDP platform doesn't really make long term sense. It looks like similar promises of tax cuts like the PC Platform and changes to programs that are already working but were in some consultant's market research report that was produced 3 years ago.

The Liberals
Quite often the Canadian guys and girls who have drank more beer that anyone else on any given night. They don't mind paying government for programs that they likely won't use themselves because they see the province and country as a whole and understand that we need government to run certain programs. These Canadians are either very and shy and pretend they are undecided because they don't like talking politics or very are passionate about the good balance of social and economic policies the Liberal party offers. They ignore name calling and realize there's allot more to an government than making changes to personal taxes and finding ways to cut programs rather than investing in making things better so that they will benefit all Canadians in the long run.

I'm not sorry if I offended anyone in this post.

Seriously though I would like to urge everyone going to vote in Ontario to actually read through all the party platform documents and cast a vote that makes the most sense for you and your family's situation. Make your vote count and don't just listen to what you see in the media. You can't make a good decision by simply reading or watching the news. Also understand that whoever is elected will likely have to take back or change one or two of their plans because economic, social and other conditions will change.

Here are links to the platforms for each party! READ THEM ALL! PLEASE!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - Tragic but No Fear

Let me start off paying respect to the families and friends that lost loved ones on 9/11/01. It truly was a tragedy and I know I will never forget that day.
I was in Toronto, on my way to work, walking down Yonge street towards the bank I was working for. In the window of an electronics shop, I saw images of the first plane hitting the World Trade Centre. Then my phone started to ring off the hook with friends in disbelief asking me if I had seen what happened. One call also came from work telling me that they were evacuating the financial district so I shouldn't come in. I thought it was kind of strange but I didn't really feel like working that day anyhow. I watched the news almost all day, seeing what seemed like thousands of different angles of the same thing. Why I continued to watch, I do not know.
I do believe however that the last 10 years are an even bigger tragedy than what happened that day and were caused by media and government reactions to that day. I'm actually very proud that our PM at the time stood firm and did not support the War in Iraq. So many resources and lives have been wasted in that war for little positive result. That war has caused economic turmoil around the world for the past 10 years and the only people it has benefited are the rich corporations that lent funds to the cause and manufactured overpriced goods for war purposes. That war has put millions out of work and into poverty, meanwhile large corporations have been posting record profits and gains ever since. Canada's and US's public debt have reached ridiculous amounts and we still are looking at another slump before getting back to the way things were or perhaps even worse is yet to come.
I was disgusted to hear our new Prime Minister make what I believe is a racist and truly cockeyed statement. BTW, have you ever noticed that Harper never makes eye contact with his interviewers or the camera?? He's so creepy! He said this though:

Harper: Islamic Militants Are Canada's Top Security Threat

Is this "man" for real? Where did this "intel" come from? Seems like a cheap racist and underhanded attempt to create fear in Canada that just isn't here. Why? I'm not really sure but quite likely to justify billion dollar loans and contracts for war machines and such.

Canada! Remain calm and don't buy into this hype please. No fear!

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ontario Election Underway

The Ontario election for Premier is well underway! It looks like it's going to be an exciting race for sure. Last, and I think most accurate, poll has the Liberals ahead by 11 points.
There's been much mud slinging, name calling and the fences are already up! Who do you currently support and why??
Anyhow I have to run to a BBQ right now but expect me to be updating this new blog often with my thoughts and opinions on the race. I'm currently undecided but leaning towards the team of FRed because the other 2 don't make any sense to me and in my opinion, the rest are just a waste of a vote!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.