Friday, September 30, 2011

Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP Only After Political Gain?

It's becoming more and more clear that the Andrea Howarth led NDP party is NOT the NDP of the past fighting for social injustice. In fact, I think this NDP's new direction seems like a deceptive representation of the NDP brand and almost right leaning.  Some claim Andrea Howarth and Ontario NDP are only after political and personal gains.  I'm not the only person that is seeing this trend.  It is also found to be somewhat offensive that the Ontario NDP has been using Jack Layton's name and honour to make these political gains in this Ontario election when they aren't representing the NDP brand properly. Layton isn't even around to endorse them.  What does the 2011 Ontario NDP party really stand for and what is their motive?  Check out these links:

More thought on how their plan lacks any real strategy and is simply formulated to attract votes:

Thought that the NDP and PC have a relationship that is a little too close.  What historic NDP party would ever work with a Conservative party?

Example of Jack Layton's honour being disrespected by NDP candidates and I've heard Anrea mention him several times as well.

Some are even implying some sort of secret alliance with the NDP and PC party in Ontario.  If you look at Andrea Howarth's voting record, she hardly seems in favour of traditional NDP causes.  Over half of the party is made of completely new members as well.  Did you know that most of the MPs, about 60 of them, were only hired in the past couple of months?  Can any of them be trusted? We are about to face some really tough times and a bunch of rookie politician with no vision are not what we need running our fine province!!

It's seems as thought in this Ontario election NDP really does stand for Never Developed a Plan!

Make sure you vote wisely in this election.  With the world about to head into turmoil, we need an experienced team at Queen's Park.  I can only think of one party that has the experience needed.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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