Monday, September 12, 2011

Ontario Party Supporter Stereotypes

This may be nothing but I have come to notice some commonalities with the Canadians that support the various political parties in Ontario. I'll elaborate a bit below.

The Green Party
A bunch of stoners who seem to think that the green party wants to legalize marijuana.

The PC Party
Rich selfish people who want to privatize everything because they can afford it and want to control it, buy shares of it and sell the shares and make more money they can admire miserly. There is also a large amount of rednecks(aka Ontario Landowners Association aka Canadian Tea Party)that seem to have been brainwashed somehow into thinking that cutting government services so their mid-level income family can get tax breaks will do them any good with their assumed debt load. A note to this 2nd group of supporters: Small tax breaks only help the rich who put all their money in banks and earn interest off your debt that you will likely pay off with funds from any tax break you might get. Is $10-20/ month going to make a world of difference when you will have to spend more time in waiting rooms after PC health reforms??
Really, really, really nice people that want to help everyone, including those that don't want any help. Also many who converted over in the federal election to Jack Layton's NDP. These converted NDP supporters, don't get that Layton has nothing to do with the Ontario NDP. The Ontario NDP platform doesn't really make long term sense. It looks like similar promises of tax cuts like the PC Platform and changes to programs that are already working but were in some consultant's market research report that was produced 3 years ago.

The Liberals
Quite often the Canadian guys and girls who have drank more beer that anyone else on any given night. They don't mind paying government for programs that they likely won't use themselves because they see the province and country as a whole and understand that we need government to run certain programs. These Canadians are either very and shy and pretend they are undecided because they don't like talking politics or very are passionate about the good balance of social and economic policies the Liberal party offers. They ignore name calling and realize there's allot more to an government than making changes to personal taxes and finding ways to cut programs rather than investing in making things better so that they will benefit all Canadians in the long run.

I'm not sorry if I offended anyone in this post.

Seriously though I would like to urge everyone going to vote in Ontario to actually read through all the party platform documents and cast a vote that makes the most sense for you and your family's situation. Make your vote count and don't just listen to what you see in the media. You can't make a good decision by simply reading or watching the news. Also understand that whoever is elected will likely have to take back or change one or two of their plans because economic, social and other conditions will change.

Here are links to the platforms for each party! READ THEM ALL! PLEASE!


  1. This still holds true, in my mind, for Ontario voters but I really hope everyone takes a good look at what each party stands for. Everyone's vote is very important.
    I still don't understand the vision of the NDP platform as it's so far out there than any other NDP platform. Does anyone else have any idea?

  2. The U.S. is lightly discussing the need for a third party, as there is such dissatisfaction with the current options. I think that everyone misses that it is the "party" system that is what holds us back from electing non party candidates that offer clear thinking geared towards sound fiscal policy, differentiating between socialism and capitalism, and that the two can go hand in hand, and someone who is not penned in by the ideology of one party. The "common sense for all" approach.


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