Monday, October 10, 2011

If You Feed Them, They'll Never Leave

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Since the election in Ontario is over, I've been paying some attention to the Occupy movements around the world.  I'm not sure what my take on it is yet but I do know that the distribution of wealth is becoming less and less spread out and there's an abundance of greed out there.  This is seen even more in the corporate world and it seems to be growing.  It's just common sense that evenly distributing wealth is better for everyone. I think that greed was assumed out of successful models of the free market system.

I'm not a religious person however I do like to say I live by a set of moral values where greed is not OK.   In my own morals, envy is also not OK.  I know this is also true in almost every religion out there.  So I've been reading/watching very right wing GOP wannabes and biased pundits accusing this occupation of being in envious of what is had on wall street and I need to set them straight.  These people in the Occupy movement are not guilty of envy.  Envy by definition is NOT the opposite of greed and doesn't have anything to do with wanting material things of others.  Envy is also not usually related to physical possession of anything and is ill feelings towards someone because they can tell jokes better than they can or run faster or can carry a tune.   The opposite of envy is kindness, comfort and confidence.  From what I've seen so far, the Occupy people are definitely not envious. If anyone is showing envy it's these right winged religious politicians and activists who obviously don't understand the English language very well.

It is a holiday after all, so I will end this post by passing along a little funny  that I received today.  A cousin of mine sent me a text that said:
    "Happy Thanksgiving!  You know, I bet you at the first Thanksgiving there was a wise old native woman saying 'Don't feed them!  If you share our food with them, they'll never leave!'"
This gave me a good laugh but also made me thankful that they didn't listen to the old woman because she was probably being greedy and the natives showed just how generous they are by sharing and participating in the first Thanksgiving.  If not, then my ancestors may not have immigrated to this wonderful country.

Eat and drink 'til you get sick if you want but don't be greedy and try to be kind and thankful.

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