Monday, October 17, 2011

Focus Idea: Keep on Moving, @OccupyToronto !!

I think there is allot of confusion because many Canadians assumed a large majority of the greed exists and comes from the Canadian banking system similar to the US. However our banking system has some pretty good regulators and is one of the best in the world however there is still greed in the upper ranks of these corporations. Corporations should not be protected by all the same laws as a human and should be held more accountable for what they do. 
I've seen people trying to change the occupy movement in Canada by telling us we have the ability to make changes by choosing who we do business with.  The idea that we have power by choosing where to shop has been around for a long time and although there is some truth I don't think it's the solution. The problem is, the heroes of the occupy movement represents the 99% however is not comprised of the 99%. The 99% can't all rise to action but I'm sure they are thankful for the actions of this powerful movement. My problem with the making change by dealing only with ethically run corporations is that it doesn't seem like we have FREE access to the market any longer. Freedom of choice should not be limited because some corporations don't have a good set of ethics.  If company XYZ makes the best widget, I want to buy that widget from XYZ and I should be able to without having to worry that I am somehow contributing indirectly to corporate greed.
The focus in Canada needs to be more on corporations in general and pushing our government to implement policies that won't allow the corporations to power themselves with greed.  Corporations should be penalized for it as it's not good for our economy as a whole. Look at the CEO incomes in Canada (below link) an tell me this is fair in anyway to people who work just as hard in these corporations. Did any of the employees get 27-150% increases in total salary this year? NO! Has average worker salaries gone up %500 in the past 20 years? NO! It's assumed that corporations will implement their own ethics and protect their employees however if times get tight again, the first thing the many corporations will do is lay-off employees because the first priority is the bottom line, the chiefs, boards and the shareholders and not the employees and society. This isn't right and that's a message I think the Occupy Canada groups need to focus on amongst others. This is just a catalyst comment to get further ideas on this so that this movement can make changes in Canada that are needed. Because the government isn't going to do this for us unless we persuade them. They do work for us though.  Don't get frustrated or let conflicts within the group slow progress.  Keep the momentum going!!

The distribution of wealth and greed is a serious concern in Canada as well.  Why any one employee of a corporation needs to take home more than a one or two $million income every year is excessive and greedy.
New York has been going for a month and they still don't have a completed draft of proposed solutions needed from their government.  Keep on moving OccupyTO!

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